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Step 1: Put Peter's highlights into Cloudflare KV data store

✅ Peter email Mark .csv export from Readwise

✅ Manually delete some rows in Excel to leave 1,000 to 5,000 "top" highlights – e.g., ones with an Amazon Book ID and added notes from Peter

✅ Write python script to convert to json format

✅ Copy-paste into KV UI on Cloudflare website, or user wranglerCLI to upload to KV

Step 2: Create simple Webflow page with placeholder for "Highlight text", "Author Name", etc.

✅ Done at with user [email protected], password musicistheanswer

Step 3: Create Cloudflare Worker that loads Webflow "template" but injects our highlights

✅ Create Cloudflare worker that reads that webflow page, and modifies it somehow (e.g., adjust title or append Div)

✅ Have worker edit the "highlight" card with the quoted text, author and note for each highlight

✅ Create simple /url router for /tag/___, /id/___, /book/___, /search/___ and "filter" function to filter results appropriately. (Visiting /id/123 will always just return ONE highlight card.)

✅ Rank results by ID. In Peter's Excel, I roughly put "favorite"-looking highlight first, so the lower the ID, probably the "better" the highlight (more tags, longer notes from Peter, or marked as "favorite")

✅ Deploy to

Step 4: Stop :)

✅ Write up this summary so far, share on

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